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The Key to the world’s first...
Fully Blockchain Empowered
Decentralized Caribbean Beach Destination
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This Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of AWACOIN gives investors and members of our community a unique opportunity to participate in the fundraising of the development of AWAKE CARIBBEAN, a fully blockchain empowered decentralized eco wellness beach destination, located on the Caribbean Coast of Panama.
The total initial investment of the first phase of the AWAKE development is US$ 50 million, which will be raised through the issuance of approximately 63 million AWACOIN.
Now you can acquire AWACOIN at exceptional price levels. Only a limited amount of AWACOIN will be available at each stage. The minimum investment amount is set at 5,000 AWA. Currencies Accepted: US$, BTC, ETH and USDT.
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Ongoing Stage:


Current Token Price:

$ 0.50

Start time: Dec 01

End time: Jan 31

Private Sale Ends in:

Current Supply


Current Discount Rate

0 %

Current Price

$ 0 0

TOTAL ICO Token Supply

Cold Storage

Max Total Supply

Token Symbol
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ICO Investors will have the exclusive right to acquire AWACOIN at special price levels:
StageToken PriceCapital RaiseNumber of Tokens
Private Sale$ 0.40$ 500,0001,250,000 AWA
Pre-Sale$ 0.50 $ 1,500,0003,000,000 AWA
Public Sale 1$ 0.60 $ 4,000,0006,666,667 AWA
Public Sale 2$ 0.70 $ 6,500,000 9,285,714 AWA
Public Sale 3$ 0.80$ 7,500,0009,375,000 AWA
Public Sale 4$ 0.85$ 10,000,00011,764,706 AWA
Public Sale 5 $ 0.90 $ 10,000,00011,111,111 AWA
Public Sale 6 $ 0.95 $ 10,000,00010,526,316 AWA
Totals$ 50,000,00062,979,514 AWA
* Notes:
  • Orange Row: Ongoing Stage
  • Currencies Accepted: USD EUR BTC ETH USDT
  • First Come, First Served
  • Until Supply Lasts
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AWACOIN is 100% backed by the value of the AWAKE properties, assets, income generating amenities, goods or services through a unique and flexible “Token Conversion Scheme”, which allows token holders to convert AWACOIN into Property NFT`s, Amenity Tokens or AWACASH within the AWAKE Ecosystem.
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  • AWACOIN is the only vehicle for investors to participate in the AWAKE development;
  • AWACOIN can be used to buy AWAKE Properties at special price levels;
  • AWACOIN can be used to participate in the AWAKE Amenities, through NFTs and staking;
  • AWACOIN can be converted into AWACASH /strong>, which will be the internal digital currency for everyday use within the AWAKE destinations;
  • AWACOIN can be used for mere speculation expecting a higher value in the future.
Token holders can exclusively convert AWACOIN into other tokens within the AWAKE Ecosystem:
AWAKE Property NFTs are non-fungible tokens that provides property investors an easy, fast, secure and liquid property investment vehicle to invest in AWAKE income generating properties”, like beach cabins, ocean view villas, river bungalows, apartment or penthouses, in the form of full ownership, fractional ownership and long-term lease.
Tokenization and fractionalization allow smaller investors to participate in the different “ AWAKE community`s income generating Assets and Amenities”, like the Organic Eco Farm, Solar Power Park, Private Wildlife Reserve, Wellness Center, Wellness Clinic, Eco-adventure Park, Co-working & Creativity Center and more.
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AWACASH is our “stablecoin”, like USDT, that will be used by all participants within the AWAKE Ecosystem as the “preferred internal currency” for the transactions of goods and services. This includes the purchase of hotel nights, rental payments and revenues of the accommodation, use of the amenities, food & beverage, tours, excursions, merchandise and much more.
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    Q3 2020

    Creation AWACOIN

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    Q4 2021


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    Q1 2022

    Listing AWACOIN on Liquidity Pools

  • Q2 2022

    Launch PROPERTY NFTs

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    Q2 2022

    Listing AWACOIN on Crypto Exchanges

  • Q3 2022


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    Q3 2022

    Launch DEFI Blockchain App

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    Q4 2022

    Launch AWACASH

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    Q1 2023

    First DAO Implementation

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    Q2 2023

    Grand opening AWAKE Phase 1

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During the ICO, AWACOIN will be registered at major “Liquidity Pools”, like Uniswap and PancakeSwap, and the “market value” will be set at special price levels between US 0.40 and US$ 0.95.
After the ICO, the “market value” of AWACOIN can go much higher, ones AWACOIN will be registered on several “Third-party Crypto Exchanges”, like Binance, Coinbase and Hotbit.
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1 AWAcoin = US$ 1.00
The Minimum Value of AWACOIN is set at US$ 1.00, which is backed by the properties, assets, amenities, goods and services within the AWAKE Ecosystem through a unique “token conversion scheme” to convert AWACOIN into Property NFT`s, Amenity NFT`s and AWACASH.
The guaranteed minimum token conversion rate significantly decreases the down side risk of the investment and makes AWACOIN a more secure token than most other utility tokens currently on the market.
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During the ICO, AWACOIN will be offered at several Liquidity Pools to increase its liquidity and tradability with other crypto and fiat currencies.

Post ICO,  AWACOIN will be registered on several decentralized and centralized third-party crypto exchanges to provide sufficient liquidity for all AWACOIN Token Holders.

After registration on third-party exchanges the price of AWACOIN will be only defined by supply and demand.

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Eco Wellness Living
  1. A large Caribbean Eco Wellness Beach Destination Development surrounded by lush virgin rainforest, perfectly situated at the most stunning region of Panama.
  2. Challenging the status quo of how we live, work and play.
  3. Encompasses 1,250-hectare (3,088 acres) with more than 3 kilometers (2 miles) of palm fringed beachfront and home to 4,150 biophilic properties.
  4. The world`s first fully decentralized and blockchain empowered destination that offers “freedom of finance” with AWACOIN as a vehicle for investors to participate.
  5. Property tokenization & fractionalization to provide our residents and investors easy, fast, secure and liquid property transactions and a strong hedge against inflation.
  6. Designed to enable people to thrive and reach their highest potential, while being surrounded by like-minded people that live an active, free and healthy lifestyle, in harmony with nature.
  7. Aiming to become an icon for innovation, freedom and sustainability achievements and an important precedent for other communities around the world.
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Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
Used to raise capital for the financing of the AWAKE development through the AWACOIN Initial Coin Offering;
Property NFTs
AWAKE Properties are offered as NFTs. An NFT is a digital asset that represents real-world objects, which improves liquidity, a more international market scope and simple effortless property transactions;
Amenity Tokens
Tokenization of Assets
Blockchain tokenization tends to revolutionize the financial landscape and enables an asset to be easily broken down into smaller units, representing ownership, encouraging the democratization of investment in historically illiquid assets and bring about fairer markets.
A “stablecoin” to be used as the “preferred internal digital currency” for the purchase of all goods and services within the AWAKE Eco system;
Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) will be implemented for member-owned communities without centralized leadership to automate and decentralize decision making;
Smart Contracts
Will be used for easy, fast, secure, immutable and transparent transactions;
Defi 2.0
DeFi 2.0 will be deployed to improve scalability, liquidity protocol and decentralized governance, to pursue capital efficiency, freedom and independency.
Nature Conservation Drones
Conservation Drones inspecting the AWAKE Private Wildlife Reserve based on AI learning of which all detection info and project progression is registered on the Blockchain.
Utility Traceability
To improve transparency, accountability and decentralizing of the AWAKE Utilities, like drinking water, renewable electricity and organic food production.

Buy AWACOIN now at special entry prices!