Anti-Corruption Policy​

Anti-Corruption Policy​

Last updated March, 2021

1.  AWA WELLNESS DEVELOPMENTS prohibits its officers and employees, and those of its branch offices and those related companies which it controls, from engaging in any form of corruption in relation to AWA WELLNESS DEVELOPMENTS’s business and affairs.

2.  AWA WELLNESS DEVELOPMENTS will use all reasonable endeavors to conduct its business and affairs so as to ensure that it does not engage in or facilitate any form of corruption.

3.  In order to minimize the opportunity for corruption, AWA WELLNESS DEVELOPMENTS does not make any political or charitable donation, or provide any gift or hospitality to any person or organization which are in excess of reasonable limits under the circumstances. It also prohibits the receipt by AWA WELLNESS DEVELOPMENTS or any or its officers or employees of any donation, gift or hospitality which is in excess of reasonable limits. All donations, gifts and hospitality provided or received by AWA WELLNESS DEVELOPMENTS or its officers or employees must be recorded in a gifts register which is routinely inspected.

4.  A facilitation payment is a payment made to encourage a person to carry out his duty. While facilitation payments are allowed in certain limited circumstances, often they are a form of corruption and the making or receiving of an improper facilitation payment is a criminal offence in many jurisdictions. AWA WELLNESS DEVELOPMENTS prohibits the making of any improper facilitation payment, save in circumstances where the personal safety of any person is endangered.

5.  Anti-corruption action by individual organizations is not sufficient to reduce corruption in the tourism, design & construction sectors to any significant extent. There must, in addition, be concerted and collaborative action by all stakeholders. AWA WELLNESS DEVELOPMENTS supports international efforts and works with other stakeholders to reduce corruption in the tourism, design & construction sectors.

6.  Anyone with concerns about a specific action governed by this Policy or information about a violation of this Policy is encouraged to contact our Foreign Transactions Policy Compliance Committee at AWA WELLNESS DEVELOPMENTS-