Awake Participation Token

Participation Token

AWAKE Participation Token is a dual-purpose fungible and non-fungible token that allows investors to participate in the success of the AWAKE Amenities by buying and selling fractional portions of the “community`s income generating assets and amenities”.

The AWAKE Participation Token is accompanied by a “smart contract”, that includes all the unique characteristics of the participation, terms of participation in the asset`s or amenities’ revenues, operating permits, licenses, a complete business plan with projections, appraisal documents, technical designs and specs, master plan, location and pictures of the Asset or Amenity.

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The expected revenues – to be derived from the investment in a Participation Token of any community`s income generating assets and amenities – are defined by the construction costs of the respective Asset or Amenity, the total costs of operation and the revenues. In the Participation Investment App one can see the expected return on investment of the distinctive participation.

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Essentially, Participation Tokens can be freely traded 24/7 within the AWAKE Ecosystem or any other centralized or decentralized Third Party NFT Exchange. This highly increases the liquidity and international scope of the investment. Additional benefits are data transparency, security, immutability, simplified management, operational efficiency and reduced settlement time.

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The conversion rate between “AWACOIN” and a “Participation Token” is defined by the market value of both tokens.

  • The market value of AWACOIN is defined by supply and demand and the success of the development.
  • The market value of a Participation Token is fundamentally the value of the asset or amenity combined with the annual returns from the operation.
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In order to reduce the downside risk for the token holders we have set the minimum conversion rate between AWACOIN and Participation Tokens at: 1 AWA = US$ 1.00.

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