Awake Property Token

Property Token

The traditional property investment industry is outdated. Property transactions are time consuming, slow, bureaucratic and ripe with expensive middleman. To circumvent these unnecessary inefficiencies, the AWAKE Wellness Properties are tokenized and fractionalized in the blockchain to provide smart, easy, fast, secure and liquid property investment opportunities, for both small and large investors, without the need for expensive brokers, lawyers, notaries, escrow agents or other third parties.

Property Tokens can be freely traded 24/7 within the AWAKE Ecosystem or any other Third Party Property NFT Exchange. This highly increases the liquidity and international scope of the investment. Additional benefits are data transparency, security, immutability, simplified management, operational efficiency and reduced settlement time.

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AWAKE turns home ownership from a monthly cost to a monthly income stream, through a unique “OWN, EARN and ENJOY Home Ownership & Rental Program”:

The provided type of tenures of the AWAKE residences are:

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Overview of the AWAKE Wellness Properties of phase 1 with their respective yearly returns.

The expected revenues of the AWAKE Wellness Properties are defined by the purchase price of the Property, the occupancy rates, the rental price and the percentage of management fees. In the Property Investment App, you can see the expected returns of each distinctive wellness property.


Full Ownership

Fractional Ownership

Long term Lease
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Optimizing Returns

AWAKE aims to optimize the Returns for the property investors and home owners by offering a profitable and low-risk real estate rental investment opportunity with high rental occupancy rates and fair price levels due to:

Buyer Profile

The buyer profile for the AWAKE properties falls into three main categories:


Opportunity to lock in crypto profits, opting out of the volatility crypto market, to diversify a crypto investment portfolio with a safe and tangible real estate investment that offers tax benefits and long-term returns;


Opportunity to purchase a property for annual returns or capital gains with high guaranteed yields;

Wellness Lifestyle

Opportunity to purchase a wellness property to enhance their lifestyle, as a first, secondary or holiday home for personal use, while also seeking rental revenues and asset value appreciation.

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The conversion rate between “AWACOIN” and “AWAKE Property Token” is defined by the market value of both tokens.

  • The market value of AWACOIN is defined by supply and demand and the success of the development.
  • The market value of a Property Token is fundamentally the sum of the property`s asset value and the yearly rental returns.
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In order to back the minimum base value of AWACOIN and to reduce the downside risk for the token holders we have set the minimum conversion rate between AWACOIN and Property Tokens at: 1 AWA = US$ 1.00.

Case Study Example

For example, with US$ 80,000 a token holder has acquired 100,000 AWACOIN at the ICO at a special entrée price of US$ 0.80. Let’s say that after one year, due to the success of the AWAKE development, the market value of AWACOIN has increased to US$ 2.40. In this scenario, the token holder will be able to convert AWACOIN into a Property Token with 300% profit. With an initial investment of only $80,000 the token holder will be able to purchase a property after one year with a total value of US$ 240,000. On top of that, the purchased apartment will generate a projected return on investment of 10% per year once managed by the AWAKE Blockchain Rental Pool and rented out to visitors and guests.


Next to Property Investments, property token holder will have access to future property related applications, registered on the blockchain through Smart Contracts:

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