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The value proposition of tokenized AWAKE Wellness Properties, Communities Assets or Amenities is convincing and provides ample benefits:

Liquidity refers to the ease with which an asset can be bought or sold. Currently, real estate investments are considered relatively illiquid. Increased liquidity results in:

Data Transparency

Blockchain as a distributed ledger technology is known for its immutability and resistance to cyber-attacks, as data is distributed across a network of participating nodes as opposed to a single centralized database. While transaction information is made trackable and visible on blockchain, data anonymity of blockchain transactions are preserved by cryptographic hashes.


Governments are currently printing unprecedented amounts of fiat currency, which will devalue the money already in supply. Sooner or later, this will lead to (hyper) inflation. We believe that cryptocurrencies, provided that they are created on a “secure immutable blockchain platform” and backed up by “real tangible valuable assets”, like gold, land or real estate, offer a much better alternative to debt-based fiat currencies.


Blockchains are distributed ledgers, which means that no one person, group, or organization controls them. In addition, blockchains rely on advanced cryptography to provide security to users. Each user has his or her own private key that allows access to his or her blockchain assets. That key is a long string of random characters that is very difficult for a computer—let alone another user—to guess.


After a transaction has been recorded and confirmed on the blockchain, it essentially cannot be changed. This helps assure investors that no one can falsify transactions after the fact.


Tokenization can also lead to easier management of investors and their rights. Secondary transactions can be easily tracked by collaborating with third-party exchanges. And investors can receive distributions and exercise their other rights (e.g., voting) through the blockchain, simplifying those processes considerably.


Smart Contracts are programmable actions on the blockchain that facilitate the automation of processes such as compliance checks, investor whitelisting, and post-issuance matters including dividend distribution. Smart Contracts also enable the programming of tokens with unique qualities, such that characteristics of each share class and customizable fee structures could be created for tokenized assets at a relatively low operational cost.


Transactions in tokenized products can be settled almost instantly, 24/7/365, unlike the days or weeks that it can sometimes take to settle traditional finance transactions, at lower transaction costs and minimal exchange fees.

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Benefits of Tokenization