AWA Wellness Developments has decided to use this Initial Token Offering (ITO) as an innovative method of fundraising for the development of the first resort (PURE BEACH RESORT) within VERAWA WORLD.

A limited number of 200,000,000 AWACOIN (two hundred million) will be issued. The initial investment of PURE BEACH RESORT is US$ 25,600,000 and will be financed by the ITO through the issuance of 36,025,000 AWACOIN, which are 100% backed by VERAWA WORLD land parcels, which guarantees the ITO Tokens´ underlying value and lowers the down side risk of a participation in AWACOIN. The total initial supply of 50,000,000 AWACOIN will be issued for “phase one” of the development, the remaining 150,000,000 AWACOIN are reserved in cold storage for future development of VERAWA WORLD.



AWACOIN will be released in different tranches, in exchange for established cryptocurrencies and all fiat currencies.


The use of AWACOIN within VERAWA WORLD will facilitate easy, transparent, decentralized and secure transactions. It provides benefits for all participants, like visitors, residents, staff and families of the surrounding communities. The use of AWACOIN also allows for more transparent “pricing” and “rating” of the different products and services, which improves competition, motivation, commitment and service levels, which increases the quality of the overall visitor experience.


The value proposition of a token issue is convincing and provides a new and innovative business model for the development and management of ecotourism destinations. Raising funds through a token issuance is a game-changer for the tourism market and provides the following benefits:


AWACOIN is an open term crypto token, valid only within the VERAWA WORLD Ecosystem in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Panama.

The Token has an indefinite validity. If the token holder does not explicitly choose to redeem the token at the request of VERAWA, it converts 1-to-1 into any subsequent token modality free of charge. The token itself does not change.

Currency: United Stated Dollar (US$)
Initial Supply: 50,000,000 AWA
Reserve: 150,000,000 AWA
Total Supply: 200,000,000 AWA
AWA Denomination: 1 AWA, divisible up to 2 digits
Creation Date: September 3th, 2020
Private Issuance Date: November 11th, 2020
Public Issuance Date: January 22th, 2021
Public Issuance Price: US$ 1.00 for 1.00 AWA


All Panamanian nationals and residents can take part, subject to passing KYC / AML checks. Interested parties from other countries than Panama are requested to contact the issuer early enough to check whether they are eligible to participate.


Eligible participants can contact VERAWA WORLD via our AWACOIN.IO website to request AWA tokens. The subscription form and all required documents must be handed in at least 1 week before the issuance date. The funds must arrive with the issuer at least 2 days before the issuance date. The subscription of the token is subject to passing KYC / AML checks.


The AWACOIN token qualifies as a “Utility Token” as per international ICO / ITO definitions and for its applicability and pertinence within the VERAWA WORLD Ecosystem. A Utility Token is a digital token, registered on a Blockchain, that is issued in order to fund the development of a project, start-up or business, that later can be used to purchase a good or service offered by the issuer of the token.

The “upside potential” of the value of AWACOIN is not generated through representation of ownership nor share participation in the project, but in the form of value that is offered to token holders in the form of “right of conversion” into certain assets, goods or services within the VERAWA WORLD Ecosystem, at favorable conditions.

AWACOIN is a considered an ERC-20 Utility Token since:

1. The funds of the AWACOIN ITO are exclusively used for the development of VERAWA WORLD;
2. There is no payment of dividends, official ownership rights, company voting rights or direct profit share;
3. AWACOIN can only be redeemed for transactions within the VERAWA WORLD Ecosystem;
4. There is no direct ownership of any asset attached to the token purchase;
5. The token does not reflect nor provides facilities or services that would resemble as a special investment vehicle


AWACOIN will be freely tradable on 3rd party exchanges.


VERAWA WORLD charges a hard asset redemption fee of 0.5%. For transacting AWA, the usual fees of the Ethereum Blockchain will apply (GAS). These should be expected to be slightly higher than with plain ERC-20 tokens, due to special features of the smart contract.


The exclusive place of jurisdiction is the Republic of Panama. The law applicable is Panamanian law.


The location of VERAWA WORLD is shown on Figure 1-1.


Once VERAWA WORLD will open its doors to the public, token owners can also use their AWACOINS for the payment of accommodations, attractions, food & beverage, tours and excursions at a very competitive price. Being able to convert AWACOIN into real high value assets, goods and services makes AWACOIN a more stable, secure and profitable investment than any other utility token.

ITO StageToken EventCost Token# Tokens Issued%
Private SalesITO Stage 1US$ 0.506,200,00017%
Public SalesITO Stage 2US$ 0.607,000,00019%
Public SalesITO Stage 3US$ 0.707,400,00021%
Public SalesITO Stage 4US$ 0.807,625,00021%
Public SalesITO Stage 5US$ 0.907,800,00022%