Legal Structure

The legal structure of AWACOIN ITO is set up with the objective to provide all essential layers of security for token owners and to guarantee that the Initial Token Offering of AWACOIN is 100% backed by the land properties of VERAWA WORLD.


The VERAWA WORLD token issuance will be registered under the laws of Panama. Panama offers the ideal legal & financial jurisdiction and fiscal benefits for the issuance of the ERC-20 Tokens.



    VERAWA WORLD HOLDING SA, (VERAWA), a Panamanian Limited Liability Company or Sociedad Anónima (SA), to be incorporated for the development of VERAWA WORLD. VERAWA will be 100% shareholder of the RESORT DEVELOPMENT COMPANIES (SA´s) that respectively will be the owners of the LAND PROPERTIES.
    VERAWA will be incorporated by November 2020, therefore no annual financial statements are available. The first annual audited financial statement will be published by June 2021, based on the data of the first 6 months of the company`s operation. VERAWA WORLD will have a social capital of US$ 100,000.
    VERAWA commits to not issue any debt with a higher rank than the AWACOIN Token. Note that the shareholders of VERAWA (including the majority shareholders) are under no obligation whatsoever to support VERAWA in the case of financial distress.


    VERAWA WORLD SINGAPORE LTD, a Branch Office located in Singapore to cater the Asian Market. With its supportive regulatory treatment towards the crypto craze, Singapore has earned the title “jurisdiction of choice” for ITOs,


    VERAWA WORLD is initiated, managed and operated by AWA WELLNESS DEVELOPMENTS (AWA), a land investment and development company, incorporated in 2018 under the laws of Panama with its head office in Panama City. AWA comprises of a unique fusion of European and Panamanian talent who understand that the orchestrated brilliance of individuals can deliver the truly exceptional.
    A worldwide network of first-class consultants, lawyers, architects, engineers, urbanists and real estate advisors has been established in the key areas of interest to enable to leverage the identified opportunities.


    The Fiduciary provides trustee and corporate management services to AWACOIN. The Fiduciary also facilitates the formation and issuance of AWACOIN, company secretarial and administration, trust and company accounting, directorship and fund administration.


    We have selected …………. , one of the largest International law firms in Panama, in configuring the international legal and fiscal structure of VERAWA WORLD and its subsidiaries in Panama to secure the interests of the token owners.


    Each Resort Development is owned by a separate Corporation (SA) registered in Panama, with the objective to separate the responsibilities, assets, land properties and management between the different resorts. In total 12 Resorts Development Companies will be incorporated. At all times VERAWA WORLD will remain the majority shareholder of each Resort Development Company.


    Each Resort Development Company will be the direct owner of one or more Land Properties. The VERAWA WORLD Land Portfolio consists of 26 individual Land Properties. The Land Properties are registered in the Public Registry of the Republic of Panama.


Contact Information

PH Torre Twist, Floor 26

Calle 54, Obarrio, Panama City

Republic of Panama

+507 66 111 333


VERAWA is free to work with outsourcing partners to render its services.

Currently VERAWA has contracted outsourcing partners for various services including KYC / AML process for existing and new customers. Token-holders agree, that VERAWA can process their personal data and share them with KYC processing partners in accordance with Panamanian KYC / AML regulations.