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Caribbean of Veraguas has it all!

The Caribbean Coast of Veraguas is like an uncut gem; previously inaccessible and therefore unknown to most people. However, since early 2020, new road developments have opened up this amazing region, providing a massive ecotourism development opportunity for Panama.

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The Caribbean of Veraguas can best be described as true paradise and is definitely Panama´s best kept secret with an abundance of virgin rain forest, national parks, meandering rivers, waterfalls, tropical islands and white sand palm fringed beaches sheltered by impressive rocky ridges and cliffs, overlooking a crystal clear turquoise Caribbean Sea.

The new road from Santiago through Santa Fé to the Caribbean Coast has reduced the driving distance from Santiago to VERAWA WORLD to less than 2 hours. With construction of the new airport the flying time to Panama City to VERAWA WORLD will be less than 30 minutes.

Because of the richness of natural, historical, cultural and wellness attractions, the Caribbean of Veraguas has the potential to become the #1 ecotourism destination of the Americas.

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