Figure 1-1


AWACOIN is an open term ERC-20 Utility Crypto Token, only valid within the AWAKE Eco Wellness Living Ecosystem (Figure 1-1) in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Panama.
StageToken PriceCapital RaiseNumber of Tokens
Private Sale$ 0.40$ 5,000,0001,250,000 AWA
Pre-Sale$ 0.50 $ 1,500,0003,000,000 AWA
Public Sale 1$ 0.60 $ 3,000,0005,000,000 AWA
Public Sale 2$ 0.70 $ 5,000,000 7,142,857 AWA
Public Sale 3$ 0.80$ 10,000,00012,500,000 AWA
Public Sale 4$ 0.85$ 10,000,00011,764,705 AWA
Public Sale 5 $ 0.90 $ 10,000,00011,111,111 AWA
Public Sale 6 $ 0.95 $ 10,000,00010,526,315 AWA

Table 1: Special entrée price levels at AWACOIN ICO

Timeline *
  1. Private sale: 60 days or until capital is raised.
  2. Presale: 60 days or until capital is raised.


AWACOIN will be released in different tranches, in exchange for established cryptocurrencies and all fiat currencies.  

The Token has an indefinite validity. If the token holder does not explicitly choose to redeem the token at the request of AWAKE, it converts 1-to-1 into any subsequent token modality free of charge. The token itself does not change.


The funds raised though this ICO will be used for the financing of the first two phases of the AWAKE development, mainly for the construction of infrastructure, utilities, 257 residential properties and key amenities, like a beach club, a spa, three restaurants, two beach bars and an eco-adventure park with 30+ activities.

Currency:United Stated Dollar (US$)
Total Supply:200,000,000 AWA
Issuance at ICO:60,000,000 AWA
Issuance to team, board and third parties:20,000,000 AWA
Reservation for future developments:120,000,000 AWA
AWA Denomination:1 AWA, divisible up to 2 digits
Minimum Value:1 AWA = US$ 1.00
Maximum Value:Market Value
Creation Date:September 3th, 2020
Private Issuance Date:November 1st, 2021
Public Issuance Date:January, 1st, 2022
Public Issuance Price:Between US$ 0.75 and US$ 0.95
BTC Payment Address:bc1qft03mm6j8emgj6lknn54talja068gs3zc0w3xq
ETH Payment Address:0x98020089Ea2BB9169D2472bD3b8041bB61046AB4

All Panamanian nationals and residents can take part, subject to passing KYC / AML checks. Interested parties from other countries than Panama are requested to contact the issuer early enough to check whether they are eligible to participate.


AWA WELLNESS DEVELOPMENTS, SA; a private corporation with limited liability, incorporated under the laws of The Republic of Panamá, with its registered seat in Panama City, with folio number 155668865 and its business address at ________, Panama City, Republic of Panama, hereinafter to be referred to as the “AWA WELLNESS DEVELOPMENTS”;


A limited number of 200,000,000 (two hundred million) AWACOIN have been issued. The initial investment for the AWAKE development is US$ 50,000,000 (fifty million US Dollars) and will be financed by the ICO through the issuance of approximately 60,000,000 (sixty million) AWACOIN. An additional 20,000,000 (twenty million) will be distributed to the Management Team, Board of Advisors, Bounty Program and Strategic Alliances. The remaining 120,000,000 (hundred twenty million) AWACOIN are reserved in cold storage for the financing of future eco wellness developments.

Eligible participants that want to invest in the development of phase 1 and 2 of the AWAKE Eco Wellness Living development can contact AWA WELLNESS DEVELOPMENTS via the AWACOIN.IO website to request AWACOIN tokens. The subscription form and all required documents must be handed in at least 1 week before the issuance date. The funds must arrive with the issuer at least 2 days before the issuance date. The subscription of the token is subject to passing KYC / AML checks.


The AWACOIN token qualifies as a “Utility Token” as per international ICO / ICO definitions and for its applicability and pertinence within the AWAKE Ecosystem. A Utility Token is a digital token, registered on a Blockchain, that is issued in order to fund the development of a project, start-up or business, that later can be used to purchase a good or service offered by the issuer of the token.

The “upside potential” of the value of AWACOIN is not generated through representation of ownership nor share participation in the project, but in the form of value that is offered to token holders in the through the “right of conversion” from AWACOIN into other Property Tokens, Participation Tokens or Payment Tokens and vice versa.

AWACOIN is a considered an ERC-20 Utility Token since:

  1. There is no payment of dividends, official ownership rights, company voting rights or direct profit share;
  2. AWACOIN can only be redeemed for transactions within the AWAKE Ecosystem;
  3. The token does not reflect nor provides facilities or services that would resemble as a special investment vehicle.

AWA Wellness Develoment charges a hard asset redemption fee of 0.5% for conversion of AWACOIN into Property Tokens, Participation Tokens or Payment Tokens and vice versa. For transacting AWACOIN, the usual fees of the Ethereum Blockchain will apply (GAS). These should be expected to be slightly higher than with plain ERC-20 tokens, due to special features of the smart contract.


The AWAKE airdrop program rewards active members of the AWAKE community by sending AWACOIN to their wallet addresses in order to promote awareness of our tokens and projects. Small amounts of AWACOIN are paid in return for a small service, such as retweeting a post sent by AWAKE, posting about our tokens and/or projects on a social media forum, connecting with a particular member of the blockchain project, or writing a blog post.

The “Airdrop Program” will be promoted and clarified on AWAKEPANAMA.COM website , AWACOIN.IO website, as well as on third party cryptocurrency forums.


The exclusive place of jurisdiction is the Republic of Panama. The law applicable is Panamanian law.

Figure 1-2


The location of AWAKE Eco Wellness Living is shown on Figure 1-2.

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